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Cuts Recruitment Hours & Streamlines Talent Acquisition

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Impact of implementation

Six Strengths

Enhancing retention rates without investing excessive hours.

Traditional Interviews Unnecessary

Hiring hours are dramatically reduced by letting AI Conduct interviews.

Minimize Attrition

Connect with Job Seekers and Highlight Reasons to Choose Your Company.

Triple-Powered Insights

AI Unlocks Triple Insights: Ability, Personality, and Fit.

Beyond HR: AI's Evaluation Expertise

AI assesses skills beyond HR's traditional scope.

Unbiased AI: Precision in Evaluation

AI ensures consistent, clear-cut evaluations, free from any bias.

Interviews Anytime, Anywhere: 24/7

Conduct interviews any time, all year round, with zero scheduling conflicts.

How to use

Interviews Can Be Conducted 24 Hours A Day


Enter your name and email address

The applicant opens AI Interviewer Pro from the link on the job page and enters their name and email address to start the interview.


Answer questions from AI

The AI will ask questions to the applicants based on the pre-registered questions, and they will answer the questions in turn.


Smart Interview Evaluation

Using our AI system, we assess interview content for excellence, personality traits, and company fit. Additionally, we provide candidates with valuable information about our company to enhance their second-round interviews.

Q&A Example

Examples of effective questions

Screen sharing enables detailed commentary

Q. Please explain how you used ChatGPT to tackle challenges recently, provide clear examples, the prompts used, and the solution.

A. I asked GPT to come up with a project proposal for my new side business, a Youtube channel for B-to-B salespeople. I started with a general prompt to outline…

Q. Please describe the most challenging aspect of your recent personal development, and provide examples from your GitHub.

A. When I was implementing an e-commerce site in Python Django, I had a hard time implementing the cart functionality. The reason for the difficulty was...

Q. Please explain how proficiently you can create graphs within spreadsheets, and demonstrate this skill using a actual sheet.

A. I have experience in creating visual graphs from data. This is the income/expense data of my side business sales, and I can show a variety of graphs from the data...

Q. Please explain your UI design principles and process and demonstrate them using actual interface designs.

A. Whenever I do design work, I always check the overall design and am most conscious of whether the worldview is unified. As you can see from the design here...

Q. Please explain what you are particularly conscious of when creating documents in Powerpoint, please show slides.

A. As you can see from the slide I am showing now, I am very careful about the balance of the color scheme. This is because first impressions are very important...

Q. Please explain points you pay special attention to in video production while demonstrating on the editing software.

A. I am very careful to coordinate the pauses between scenes when creating my videos. Nowadays, the world is filled with a lot of free content. So, viewers...

AI Feedback

AI Evaluates Applicants From A Flat Perspective

Non-biased evaluation of a 5-point/10-point scale

AI will evaluate candidate communication skills, motivation, experience, leadership, and teamwork on a 10-point scale. AI minimizes human bias by focusing solely on relevant criteria.

  • Non-biased evaluation
  • Evidence is presented and convincing
  • Evaluation criteria are precise

Categorize Applicants by Personality

AI analyzes applicants’ personalities, categorizing them into 16 types based on the MBTI personality test. Each personality trait is clearly explained, making it easy to understand the applicant’s unique disposition.

  • MBTI's 16 Types of Personality Assessment
  • Careful explanations will give you an idea of the applicant's personality
  • Evaluation criteria are precise

Evaluate if the applicant is a match for your company

AI evaluates applicants’ excellence and degree of alignment with company requirements based on company information. It also allows registration of the specific personnel type the company seeks. This appropriate match evaluation reduces mismatches with applicants and improves retention rates when hiring exceptional personnel.

  • Increased retention of talented personnel
  • Numerical evaluation of 0-100
  • Evaluation criteria are precise

Enhanced job offer acceptance

Numerous companies actively seek talented individuals. By registering your company with AI Interviewer Pro, you will be able to strategically tailor your appeals during interviews to resonate with skilled candidates. Discussing these key points during the second interview can significantly enhance the likelihood of job offer acceptance.

  • Increased job offer rate for talented personnel
  • AI suggestions based on interview details and company information
  • AI makes precise suggestions from a Non-biased perspective
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Preliminary User Testing Yielded A Satisfaction Rating Of 4.9/5

Recruitment hours cut 20%! Gamechanger!

We spent countless hours on document screening and recruitment due to high applicant numbers. AI Interviewer Pro significantly reduces this workload.

Benjamin Harrison
CEO at Retain

Massive increase in the number of talented applicantss!

Our round-the-clock application acceptance has massively increased in applicant quantity. AI-driven emphasis on our company's appeal has helped to secure excellent candidates.

Alexander Williams
CEO at Roak

The 16 personality assessment is excellent!

Assessments of applicants conducted by AI Interviewer Pro are accurate and non-biased. The retention rate after hiring is also excellent, and I am delighted with the service.

Emily Patterson
COO at Wee

Frequently Asked Questions

Please pre-register, as we are currently in development. We will give priority to pre-registered users as soon as we are ready to launch.

After the official launch of the service, it is possible to start operation on the same day. We have prepared question templates for each type of job so you can customize them according to your company's situation and start operations immediately.

The link to the AI Interviewer Pro job page can be completed by connecting the link to the AI Interviewer Pro instruction page (with template) and posting a link to the AI Interviewer Pro interview page at the bottom of the instruction page.

Conducting interviews is compatible with the Google Chrome browser on Windows/MacOS. But other browsers can be used to view information.
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